Markee Rehearsal and Recording

About Markee

Let your music be heard...

We rock! Markee is the brainchild of Mark Begelman and Keith Ridenour (thus the name MarKee).

Markee’s vision is to provide a world class facility that offers the best service, the best gear and the best atmosphere to musicians and bands that need and deserve rehearsal and recording space unlike any they’ve ever experienced.

Neither Keith or Mark are strangers to the music business! Keith, an accomplished musician and song writer, started and ran “Ridenour Studios” until he sold it in 2003.

Mark has been playing music for over 40 years, and plays every week to this day in his band, “Monkey At A Typewriter”. Mark is the former founder of Mars Music.

Both Keith and Mark understand what it’s like to be treated like a nobody or be treated like a rock star. At Markee, you will always be treated like a rock star.

Markee offers 6 soundproof rehearsal rooms (did you know a sound proof door costs $3500….that was a surprise). In addition, there is a sound stage (33’ x 24’) that feeds into a state of the art recording studio, with 2 iso booths for either vocals or guitars. There are 4 music lesson rooms, also completely sound proof, cd duplication as well as a lunch room and 2 lounges.

Anyway, that’s just the beginning. Our goal is to give the South Florida music community the best possible place to play music, be creative, have fun, and be inspired! Great space, great service and great price. We’re going to bust our butts to impress.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Markee!

Mark and Keith