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Lesson FAQ’s


How often do students take lessons?

To get the most out of your lessons, we recommend that you take one lesson per week. However, we do give you flexibility of learning at your own pace, so it is completely  up to you how many lessons you would like to take each month. Most students take 4 lessons per month, but some take only 2 and others up to 8 lessons per month.  The more you take the better and sooner you’ll become proficient. You always have the option to change the frequency of lessons as you go along. Back to top>>

What is your cancellation policy?

At Markee, you are not bound by any long term commitments and with proper notification, you can cancel your lesson at any time. You can either pay as you go or take advantage of a discount for multiple lessons.

For new students, as part of our Money Back Guarantee, if you want to stop after your first lesson, contact us within 72 hours and we’ll either find another coach/instructor to suit your needs or refund your entire lesson purchase (including the first lesson).

We do not offer refunds on lessons paid for but not used. If you are physically unable to take the remaining lessons, you may save them for a later date (you have up to 12 weeks) or give them away. Back to top>>

How do I know my coach/instructor is safe and qualified?

At Markee, we only hire music teachers that have a passion for music and a passion for teaching. At Markee, we believe that making music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and that’s the standard all of our coach/instructors have. We have a rigorous certification process that combines tactical skill with an inspiring attitude. Our coach/instructors are all seasoned musicians and teachers. At Markee we target coaches with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.

We are extremely selective. All Markee teachers go through a certification process including:

  1. A job application with educational history, experience and references
  2. A through interview with the owners of Markee
  3. Personal and professional reference checks
  4. Criminal background checks
  5. Consistent training and auditing of coach/instructor performance
  6. Customer feedback surveys
  7. Student teacher satisfaction and progress reports monthly.

Each coach/instructor is matched to his or her student based on musical style, genre and of course, instrument. Chemistry is the key. If for any reason the student and the coach don’t get along, we’ll gladly make a change to a personality that makes for a world class experience. Back to top>>

How much do you charge for a lesson?

Lesson rates vary depending on the length of the lesson.  We offer private ½ hour and one hour lessons. We pride ourselves as having the most competitive rates in town. Back to top>>

Do you offer a free trial lesson?

We do not offer a free trial lesson, however, we are so sure that you’ll love your experience; you have the Markee 100% money back guarantee. If you take your first lesson and decide you don’t want to continue, we’ll happily refund any money you paid including the lesson you’ve already taken. Back to top>>

Can I speak with the Coach/instructor before I book the lesson?

Your coach will contact you once a lesson or lessons have been scheduled and paid for. During that first call, your coach will discuss what you are looking to accomplish through your lessons and will answer any questions about the lesson plan that you may have. Back to top>>

Can I pay when I get the lesson?

Yes, but we do need a charge card on file. Back to top>>

Can I pay cash or money order?

If you wish to come in and pay cash, you certainly may. That said, we take Visa, MasterCard or a debit card for your convenience. Back to top>>

Do I need to have my own instrument in order to take a lesson?

Not necessarily, we will lend you one…but don’t forget, you still need an instrument to practice on. Back to top>>

What is your rescheduling policy?

If you need to miss a lesson, we require you give your coach 24 hours notice. Once you do, they will reschedule at a mutually agreeable time. If you do not give the proper notice, you will lose that particular lesson and will not be able to make it up at a later date. Back to top>>

What ages of students can enroll in lessons?

Markee accepts students ages 5 and up for most lessons. Voice students typically start at a slightly later age (8 or 9) since their vocal chords are more mature. Back to top>>

Can I change the day, time, or duration of my lesson?

Absolutely.  Just contact your coach instructor 24 hours in advance and let them know what you want to do. Back to top>>

How far in advance do I need to schedule my first lesson?

In order to give the coach/instructor enough time to prepare the lesson, at least 7 days from the time of booking. Back to top>>

Am I required to take a certain number of lessons each month?

We recommend you take one lesson per week. However, we do give you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, so it is completely up to you how many lessons you would like to take each month. Back to top>>

Do you offer any booking discounts?

If you take multiple weekly lessons there is an 10% discount on each lesson. Back to top>>

Do you offer family discounts?

If you have multiple family members interested in taking lessons at the same time and on the same instrument, we will discount the extra family member by 30%. Back to top>>

What will I learn in the lessons?

At Markee, every lesson is customized to your needs. You will work with your coach to develop a lesson plan suited to meet your specific goals. As long as you take lessons, you will learn exactly what you set out to learn. Back to top>>

How long will I have to take lessons?

The amount of lessons you take will depend on your specific goals, how often you are able to practice, and how often you take lessons. Some students take lessons for months and others for years. You ultimately make that decision based on what you want to accomplish. Back to top>>

How long until I see some results?

The cool part is that you control your own results! If you put effort into your lessons, you will definitely see improvement. After each lesson, your coach/instructor will send you a lesson success recap. This document will show you exactly what you covered in the prior lesson, what you did well with, and what you should practice for the next lesson. Back to top>>

What’s next?

Easy. Pick up the phone and call us at 954-794-0033.

LET’S MAKE MUSIC ! Back to top>>