Markee Rehearsal and Recording

Recording FAQ’s


What kind of recording can I do at Markee?

We have 2 different types of recording here at MARKEE. The first type of recording is Standard Recording. You and your band reserve time with one of our engineers, come in and set up, record and mix. Whether you do one song or 10 songs this would fall under Standard Recording. Basically, you’re just trying to get a good quick clean version of your song or songs.

The second type of recording is Custom Recording. Custom Recording is a little different. You and your band reserve the studio and work more closely on each song, and each part of the recording process with your engineer or producer. This generally takes a lot longer to record this way, however many musicians prefer to work this way, because it gives them the time they need to perfect their songs. Also under Custom Recording is our singer/songwriter projects. This type of recording is truly Custom in that, your engineer will record you doing a rough guitar and vocal track, and then we would build a band around the song or songs. Back to top>>

Is there gear to use in the recording studio?

Yes, we have an assortment of guitar amps and bass amps as well as a 5 drum kit complete with cymbals and hardware! Back to top>>

Can I bring my own gear?

Absolutely! You will probably be more comfortable with your own gear. However, if you think you’re gear may not be suitable for recording, we will have gear for you to use! Back to top>>

Can you supply musicians if I don’t have a band?

Yes we can! MARKEE has a team of top notch musicians that can play any style of music. You would be charged for each musician either by the song, or by the hour depending on the session! Subject to availability at the time of reservation! Back to top>>

How do I reserve a recording session?

All you have to do is give us a call to check for availability, and give us a credit card to reserve the room. We recommend that you reserve the studio in advance to ensure availability of the studio that you want when you want it. We do book up very quickly so try took book your session as soon as possible! Back to top>>

Do I have to use a credit card to pay for my session or can I pay with one or more forms of payment?

You may pay for your studio with Cash, Debit Card, or Major Credit Card! Back to top>>

What is your cancellation policy?

For recording, please give 3 days notice for no cancellation fee. If you need to cancel within the 3 day period, there is a 25% cancellation fee for the 2 days prior and 100% fee if you cancel the day of the scheduled recording. Back to top>>

Can I book online or view availability?

at this time, the personal touch works better. Back to top>>

Can I bring my friends to watch?

MARKEE is a place for serious musicians to record and perfect their craft and most of all, have a great time doing it! Unfortunately, the recording studio is not set up for spectators, friends and family members are asked to remain outside in the main lobby, or in the back lounge while you are recording! Back to top>>

Can I eat, drink, or smoke in the recording studio?

You may eat and drink non-alchololic beverages right outside the recording studio in the back lounge area, or in the break room, but not inside the recording studio. You may smoke outside where we have provided a smoking area in the back of the building! Back to top>>

How much is the recording studio?

The recording studio is booked by the hour or by the project! Prices are posted for hourly rates on our website. Engineers renting the the recording studio and individual project prices can be discussed in person with Keith or Mark at MARKEE. Just call to schedule an appointment! Back to top>>

Can I get CD’s duplicated at Markee?

Yes, we do offer duplication services on the premises at very competitive prices! Back to top>>

Can I get my song programmed if I don’t want to use a live band?

Absolutely! We will set up a meeting with one of our programmers to figure out the best way to produce your song or songs! Back to top>>

Can I record a hybrid version of my song with me playing live over programmed drums?

Yes, you can have the drums programmed first, then simply set up your session to record live guitar / bass / vocals over the top of the drum tracks! Back to top>>

If I’m a vocalist and want to record over tracks, can I do this as Markee?

You absolutely can! We have a library of songs to choose from! You are also encouraged to bring your favorite tracks to the session. You will have to pre-arrange what songs you’re going to do with your MARKEE engineer! Back to top>>