Markee Rehearsal and Recording

Rehearsal FAQ’s


Is there gear in the studios?

Yes, all of our rehearsal studios are fully equipped with 2 guitar amps, bass amp, 5 piece drum kit, keyboard amp, 12 channel P.A. System, 4 mics, rack tuner, and CD player. Cymbals and foot pedal are not included but can be rented at the front office for minimal fee! Back to top>>

Can I bring my own gear?

You are more than welcome to bring your own gear to rehearsal. Instruments, mics, stands, amps and drums are all cool. However, please remember if you bring your own gear to make sure you leave enough time to break it down and check out of the room before your time is up! Back to top>>

What does it cost to rent a rehearsal studio?

All studio rates are per studio NOT per person. A two hour minimum is required between the hours of 6pm-12am. We do have student discounts from 2-6pm Monday – Friday, as well as 1 hour booking available from 2-6pm Monday – Friday. All Markee pricing is posted here on our website as well as in each room! Back to top>>

Can I rearrange the equipment?

Each studio has been professionally engineered with the selection and placement of the gear matched to the acoustics of each room. However, if you do have to move some of the gear it is your responsibility to put it back in its original position at the end of your session! Back to top>>

What if I want different gear than what’s in the room?

All rooms come standard with the best gear available. All rooms come with PDP drum kit by DW, Peavey P.A. Systems and Peavey keyboard amps. All the guitar amps are different from room to room! Marshall, Fender, Peavey, Primal, Line 6, and Randall. The bass amps are Peavey and Hartke. If you find that you and your band prefer a certain room over another because that room has different gear, just let us know when you reserve the room and we’ll do our best to get you in the room of your choice! Back to top>>

Can I rent a rehearsal room on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

Yes but it’s based on availability! Markee is an hourly studio facility, but if you’re interested in a daily, weekly, or monthly rental / lockout, please let us know and we’ll do our best to facilitate your needs based on availability! Back to top>>

What if I play over my session time?

Our rental period begins on the hour and ends on the hour. We ask that you be out of your room 5 minutes before your hour ends so we can check you out, clean and prepare the room for the next band. To help keep track of time each rehearsal room has a clock. A Markee employee will knock on your door 15 minutes before your session is up to let you know you’re getting close to your session ending! Back to top>>

How do I reserve a studio and do I need to book in advance?

All you have to do is give us a call (954-794-0033) to check for availability, and give us a credit card to reserve the room. We recommend that you reserve the studio in advance to ensure availability of the studio that you want when you want it. We do book up very quickly so try to book your session as soon as possible! Back to top>>

Do I have to use a credit card to pay for my session or can I pay with one or more forms of payment?

You may pay by credit, debit (or best of all) cash. Sorry, no Amex. We will however require a credit / debit card on file each time you reserve and rent a studio so that we can protect our gear and ensure that it all stays in place for the next band! Back to top>>

What is your cancellation policy?

For a standard studio, Markee requires a 24 hour notice to cancel without penalty. If you cancel the day of rehearsal, we will try to rebook the room. If we can’t we require the band to pay the full amount of the blocked time.

For the Markee/performance room, we require 48 hours notice. If we cannot rebook the room we require full payment.Back to top>>

Can I bring my friends to watch?

MARKEE RECORDING & REHEARSAL is a place for serious musicians to rehearse and perfect their craft and most of all, have a great time doing it! The studios are not set up for spectators, however if everyone is cool, we are open to 1 visitor per band member. All guests will be held to the same policies and rules as you and your band mates! Back to top>>

Can I eat or drink in the rooms?

Keith and Mark have put their hearts and souls into Markee. It is our home and you’re always welcome. That said, please treat our home like it’s your own. You may eat and drink non-alcoholic beverages in the studio but we ask you to be respectful of MARKEE RECORDING & REHEARSAL and the other musicians that use it. If you choose to eat or drink, please do not put anything on the gear. Just like you, other musicians come here to enjoy a nice clean comfortable place to play, so it’s up to all of us to help Markee stay clean! Back to top>>

Where can I smoke?

Smoking areas are either in the front or back of the building. There will be ashtrays and sand buckets to throw away your cigarette butts. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside of Markee! Back to top>>

How do I meet other members for jams?

In our lunchroom we’ll have a “gig” board where you can post whatever your musical needs are….gear for sale, band members needed, etc…Ad can stay up for 30 days. Also, watch the gig board for Markee events such as jam sessions, song writer’s nights, clinics etc. You can also sign up for our free Markee Musicians referral service which can be viewed 24 hours a day on the Markee website! Back to top>>

Can I buy incidentals at Markee?

Of course it’s only incidental if you don’t need it… if you do need it…it’s essential… Yes MARKEE has a selection of musical accessories that you might need during your rehearsal session such as strings, picks, sticks, earplugs, tuners and much more. You can also purchase food and drinks at the front office! Back to top>>

What happens if I break something?

That will depend on the circumstances. We do expect that gear will occasionally break or need equipment replacement parts due to use. In the event that a piece of gear is not working properly please let a Markee employee associate know immediately so that we can assess the situation and replace the inoperable gear so that you can finish your rehearsal without interruption! You will be using top of the line gear, so accidental damage should be hard to accomplish, but it does happen and we will take care of it when it does! Back to top>>